About Me and the Awesome Office

By Patty J. Ayers

I worked full-time as an office administrator for most of the 1990s. I worked for three different small companies and got an intensive education in how an office works and how to run a business.

For most of the last twenty years, I’ve run my own businesses out of a home office. I’ve learned a lot in that time, the kind of education you can only get by doing: working hard, creating and solving problems. |  MY RESUME

The Hotel Colorado in Playa del CarmenBy 2008, I had heard about people taking their mobile businesses around the world, and I wanted to travel. So I researched, got some great ideas, spent about nine months putting my life and work into a 100% mobile form, packed up, rented out my house in North Carolina, and went to Mexico.

My year and half living on the Yucatan and in Veracruz was fantastic, and I could fill a book with the amazing things I experienced. It changed my life. And I worked and brought in an income the entire time.

Eventually I came back to the U.S. In the eight years since I’ve only moved twice, so for me, having a well-organized office is not specifically about travel anymore. Still, when I drove across the U.S. in a Camry with my dog I was able to do client work in motels in the evenings. My lightweight, ready-for-anything office continues to be a positive in my life and gives me a nice feeling of control and freedom.

In 2018, after months of research and thought I developed a new business idea. I had learned about professional organizers, a booming industry, and had recognized that I had the specific skills for that work. But I wanted to focus on a specific niche, the home office, where I could use my decades of experience managing offices and using new technology. I got excited and started building a brand-new business, deciding to name it ‘The Awesome Office’ for the result I offer to create for my clients.

I have come to accept that I just have a bit of a super-power* for developing orderly systems to make life and work easier and happier. This has never really been something to brag about, because in fact, to a lot of people, it’s just a nerdy, boring thing they’ll admit they are not much into. And I can understand that!

But I honestly like organizing things. I’ve done a lot of it in my own business and in my home life.

The simple fact is that having consciously-planned systems in place in any situation saves time, releases energy, and avoids frustration. It’s a way of thinking, working and living which I think is just plain more pleasant.

* I only use my super-powers for good.