Contacts: Access to People!

I had a series of physical, paper address books in pre-computer days. And then everything got pulled into the digital world, including my personal and work contacts. After a few decades and a few years traveling and working in a foreign country, my Contacts system has three parts:

  1. A free account with HighRise by the company 37 Signals. All of my most important personal contact information is in there, and has been for about 10 years. This has worked great for me, and continues to — but unfortunately, the company has stopped offering new accounts. See below for an alternative to HighRise.
  2. GMail retains every email address I’ve ever interacted with; this serves as my repository of email contacts.
  3. I save all current and new phone contacts on my iPhone, and they’re backed up to iCloud.


U.S. Postal Mail Offers a Nifty New Service

The U.S. Postal Service is changing quickly in the Internet Age. For one thing, they’re delivering a whole lot more packages these days than ever before. For me, a trip to the Post Office to check my box about twice a week would be fine — but noooooo, that’s not good enough. Because if they have a package for me which they’re holding behind the counter (as they do) they want me to pick it up right away, chop-chop! If the package has been there more than about two days, I get a notice in my box which I find to be obnoxious, saying that they’re going to send the package back if I don’t hurry up.

So (more…)