Organizing Digital Photos

I’ve known for awhile that the day of reckoning would come for my digital photos, and it finally happened. Flickr, the longtime photo storage service, announced this week that they were snatching back the “1 terabyte of space free forever” they gave us years ago. I have about 3,000 photos on Flickr, and a lot of them are important to me. Flickr was the first place I started storing photos online.

I think they’re mean for doing that, and it’s clearly time to bail. I have to move those 3,000 photos somewhere. (more…)

File Storage and Organization

File CabinetI use and store a lot of digital files, and some paper files as well, and keeping them well-organized is crucial.

When I was traveling and living the virtualista life, I had one small file case for paper, the plastic kind with tabs and folders for A-Z. I made great efforts to keep everything possible in digital form, but there were always a few pieces of paper I needed to keep nearby.

Since I’ve transitioned to living in one place most of the time, I’ve limited my paper file storage to one two-drawer file cabinet. Ok, fine, I also have a separate file box which amounts to a third drawer, in which I keep a specific set of files. (more…)