GMail, GSuite and Fetch As Google

I thought I’d start this new blog with some brief, general posts about tools, strategies, systems and good habits that I use in my own business.

I’ll start with something simple — and yet that’s the whole point: GMail.

I have used an ordinary free GMail account for about 99% of my email correspondence since it launched in 2004. To make a long story short, it just does everything I need it to do. I’ve learned to use a few things in the Settings, and I enjoy a pretty stress-free relationship with email. Spam email has not been the slightest problem for over a decade. GMail has never been out of service, at least not that I’ve been aware. I’ve never had any issue with not receiving an email I should have received. I can always find any email in the past using the the search function (and that means about fourteen years’ worth, at this point!)

But there’s another very important component to my generally stress-free relationship with email: (more…)